A Gift of Taste

A Gift of Taste

I read recently that there is a definite trend away from buying “things” as gifts and instead buying the recipient experiences. So instead of unwrapping another bathrobe or scarf or box of chocolates, the lucky receiver gets tickets for a play or a boat ride or a concert. That way, long after the scarf and bathrobe have gone to the Good Will and the chocolates have settled onto the hips, the memory of the experience you gave them will warm the heart into old age and beyond.

So, here’s an idea we had for Mother’s Day. It’s May, and Mother’s Day Sunday or one of the days close to it is likely to be a nice one. Why not prepare a Buzz Savories Picnic for mom? 

Choose a memorable or meaningful location, then start with a little appetizer like our simple Ham and Cheese Feuilleté with a glass of wine. Now it’s time to bring out our Savory Ham Salad sandwiches, and a side dish of Potato Salad My Way (above) or perhaps our interesting take on Memphis Mustard Coleslaw. To finish it off, perhaps some Homemade Honey Buns made with Buzz Savories Artisanal Honey. Each dish offers a taste experience to take mom out of the mundane and into a new world of flavor.

And here’s how to make it an over-the-top experience. After the meal, bring out your real gift of a Buzz Savories Gift Set. They’re on sale now for Mother’s Day and you can choose one of ours or mix and match our products to make one of your own.

Make mom a Buzz Savories Picnic and give her an experience she may never forget.

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