Annis Mint Plants in October

When the sun shines in October, and the temperatures rise into the 50 Degree range, bees are flying about the hive and when their  antennae sense a flower blooming within their traveling territory, they will be there gathering pollen and maybe a drop of nectar. Late blooming Annis Mint plants attract bees in the fall.

Enjoy the photo by Master Photographer, Don Brockmeier.  Bees are finding pollen and probably some nectar in the Annis Mint flowers blooming in late autumn.

Brockmeir’s patience and artistry and  technical skills with his camera capture the productivity and also technical skills of the honey bee.  Thank you for sharing this photo, Don.  See more of Don Brockmeier photos on Instagram at donbrockmeier4.

Honeybee and Annis Mint -Don Brockmeier
Honeybee and Annis Mint -Don Brockmeier
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