Cranes on the plains

Right now, the sandhill crane migration along the North Platte River near where we live is coming to an end. Every year, from mid-February through early April, about half a million sandhill cranes stage here, gaining energy for their trek to nesting grounds stretching from the Great Lakes to the artic regions of Canada and Alaska.

As you can imagine from this picture by our friend Don Brockmeier, it’s a stunning spectacle.

When you buy Buzz Savories Honey Mustard or Spicy Beer Mustard, and certainly when you buy our Artisanal Honey, you’re tasting a bit of Nebraska. And like a sky filled with sandhill cranes — or our hardworking bees — it’s a taste of nature at its finest. Try some.

Nebraska sandhill crane migration
photo by Don Brockmeier
Sandhill Crane
photo by Don Brockmeier
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