Harvesting the Honey

We harvested the bee’s honey in late August.  See us in harvesting mode. We tightened our bee suits to prepare for a battalion of  bees that focused their fight on us. Zippers, Velcro, duct tape, and we were ready.  We once again valued our smoker because the smoke seems to placate the bees or confuse the bees or contain the majority to their home/the hive as we lifted off their hard-earned store of honey. 

September is dedicated to feeding the bees a solution of honey and sugar so that they can replace the food that we stole from them.  We also medicate for varroa mites, the scourge of the beekeeping world.

The worker bees fly every day if the temperature is above 50 Degrees F. so they continue the search for nectar and pollen and water. 

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