What Bees Do in August

What do our bees do in August?  They search the acres surrounding the hive for late blooming flowers, and I see the tiny bags on their back legs stuffed with golden pollen and also a red pollen. Their stock of honey is safely (so they think) in their hive. 

When we suit up and prepare to lift the honey from each of our hives, the bees react as one would expect – in a fury. I cannot describe the experience of being the focal point of Sixty thousand (60,00) furious bees. In seconds of time they recognize us as thieves invading their hive and stealing their hard-earned honey, and the guard bees react by emitting  pheromones that express to all the sisters to come forth and fight for their food.  They follow as directed, and a storm of angry bees descends on us beekeepers so we hurry and either blow the bees off the frames or brush them off the frames with a soft brush or a combination of both methods.  

Another method requires applying a stinky and strong chemical to a fume board.  When the fumes  permeate the hive the bees descend to their entrance and leave the hive. None of these methods deter the wrath of the bees. Efficiency and courage are required at this time.

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