Some things you didn’t know about mustard

Mental Floss is an always-fascinating source of interesting stories and little-known facts on myriad subjects. Since mustard is a thing we’re interested in, we decided to see if Mental Floss had anything thought-provoking to say on the subject. And boy, did they.

Some of these tidbits we already knew and probably the same is true for you, but we bet you’ll still find a thing or two in this list to regale your friends and colleagues with the next time “favorite condiments” comes up as a topic.


Mustard and broccoli are kissing cousins. As a member of genus brassica, mustard is related not only to broccoli, but to a variety of vegetables including cauliflower, turnips, Brussels sprouts and cabbage.

Mustard is thought to be the first condiment humans ever put on their food. Egyptian pharaohs stocked their tombs with mustard seeds to accompany them into the afterlife, but the Romans were the first to grind the spicy seeds into a spreadable paste and mix them with a flavorful liquid—usually, wine or vinegar.

Mustard is a cure for what ails you. Pythagoras endorsed a poultice of mustard seeds as a cure for scorpion stings and ancient Roman physicians used it to ease toothaches. Over the years, mustard has been used for appetite stimulation, sinus clearing, and frostbite prevention. It’s now touted as a weight loss supplement, asthma suppressant, hair growth stimulant, immunity booster, cholesterol regulator, dermatitis treatment, and even as an effective method of warding off gastrointestinal cancer.  Ask your doctor if mustard is right for you.

King Louis XI didn’t travel without mustard. The French monarch considered the condiment so essential to his culinary experiences that he always kept a pot with him, so as not to be disappointed if he were to be served a meal in a household that wasn’t fully stocked.

Mustard is number two, so it tries harder. Peppercorns are the most used spice in the United States; mustard comes in second. At Buzz Savories, we’re trying to change that one jar at a time.

Two countries account for most of the world’s mustard. Together, Canada and Nepal’s crops account for more than half of global mustard production. Bet you didn’t know that one!

Let us leave you with this important reminder from Mental Floss: mustard is a plant; prepared mustard is a condiment. For fine, artisanal, hand-packed prepared Honey Mustard and Spicy Beer Mustard, visit us today at

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