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The Buzz about Bees, and Beauty, and Nebraska.

I’ve always loved to learn about what people do, who they do it with, how they do it, what they used to do and what they might do differently as the world changes. It doesn’t matter if it’s a woodcarver or a mechanic or a hairdresser, there’s a beauty in the nuance of each occupation.

What we do is tend bees, harvest and pack artisanal honey, make two different kinds of prepared mustard — from scratch, make beeswax candles and run a small business. In the course of doing that, interesting things occur to us about our occupation, things we thought might interest you, and we wanted a place to share them.

So, we created The Buzz Blog.

We hope you’ll read, enjoy and comment or, better still, sign up to get our newsletter and recipes. And if you do find something interesting, we hope you’ll share it with a friend.

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